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Detailed below are the wide range of services that we offer.......

Concrete Coring

Concrete coring

Concrete coring is available from our self contained petrol hydraulic trailer rig which is suitable for most of our drilling requirements. We can also offer electric or alternative hydraulic concrete coring systems if required. Coring up to 250mm diameter is available which is suitable for hand dug inspection pits and our largest diameter augers.

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is becoming more popular as it offers a safer way to dig starter pits, avoiding damage to buried services and risk to staff. Hand dug starter pits have always been a part of the business but they probably represent the most dangerous part of the drillers daily work. Vacuum excavation removes soil, debris and exposes buried services without causing damage to those services or risk to operators. This is achieved by jetting water at high pressure to liquify the soil and dislodge gravel and Fill material followed by sucking using the vacuum hose to remove the slurry and loose material. This makes hand digging to 1.5m an easier prospect. Our trailer mounted Vac-ex is towed behind a Land Rover and has a hydraulic tip to empty the tank.

Window Sampling

Window Sampling

We offer hand held window sampling equipment and window sampling from tracked and trailer mounted rigs. Window sampling is ideal for accurate logging and sampling of shallow soils and can provide a rapid assessment of the soil profile, highlighting soil boundaries or contaminated zones. Monitoring wells can be installed within the open hole.

Hand held window sampling is ideal for limited access sites and is a useful initial investigative tool where typical depths of 5m can be reached. All equipment is hand transportable. The drive hammer we usually use is the Cobra petrol hammer unit but we also offer electric and pneumatic hammers according to fume or spark hazards.

Window Sampling

We also offer the Premier PP110 tracked diesel window / dynamic sampling rig which provides sampling and testing for both environmental and geotechnical investigations. In addition to window sampling and monitoring well installation, this rig offers a 100mm ID cased system suitable for collapsing ground conditions such as sands. Continuous windowless samples can be provided within clear coreliners at 87, 73, 63 & 53mm. This rig offers in-situ SPT or DPT testing.

Rig width: 0.88m
Operational length: 1.9m
Operational height: 2.3m (minimum)

In addition, the window samplers and other similar closed sampling systems can be driven with all our rotary rigs which can be useful where a few window sample holes are required on a site combined with rotary drilling. These rotary rigs are diesel hydraulic and can be made intrinsically safe for spark risk locations. They have a separate swing-around hammer head which is either a standard hammer or heavy duty hammer head. Rotary drilling can continue down the same hole after window sampling, without moving the rig.

Our window sampling service is with a 2 man crew and the team leader will have or be working towards an NVQ 2 in Dynamic Sampling.

Rotary Drilling

Rotary DrillingESL has several types of rotary rig to meet the demand of both terrain and geological formation. We offer 3 different variations of the Nordmeyer RSB rig, two of which are trailer mounted and the third track mounted. These are the heavy weight options with twin rotary speed and heavy duty hammer. Drilling and probing from these rigs does not require the use of water or other fluid as a flush medium making them ideal for environmental work. All rigs are fitted with or can be fitted with a spark arrestor and Chalwyn valve. The hydraulic oil used in all our drill rigs is biodegradable.


Rig width: 1.0 – 1.9m
Operational height: 3.7m
Weight: Circa. 2 tonne

We run the following augers with these rigs:

  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
    • 80mm
    • 100mm
    • 150mm
  • Hollow Stem Auger (HSA)
    • 60 / 103mm
    • 75 / 185mm
    • 100 / 205mm
    • 138 / 240mm

Diameters in bold indicate the most frequently used / standard augers. Our rotary drilling service is with a 2 man crew and the team leader will have or will be working towards an NVQ level 2 in Rotary Drilling.

RS Rig

Sonic Drilling

Sonic drillingSonic drilling is a technique making use of intense vibrations directed down the drill string causing liquefaction of the soil at the cutter shoe, enabling extremely rapid soil penetration with relatively light drilling equipment. The system benefits from little or no drill spoil and does not require air or water flush to advance the drill string.

We offer two Sonic Wizard tracked drill rigs which provide the highest quality of environmental soil sample. All our rigs use biodegradable hydraulic oil.

Suited to soft to firm and loose to medium dense ground conditions. Not suitable for dense sands, gravels, hard rock or concrete conditions. Depth range down to 20m depending on ground conditions.

The GP100 rods can be used to install up to 50mm monitoring wells when combined with the lost point system in unconsolidated ground conditions. The Aqualock takes very high quality discrete samples in the same conditions such as sands or fine gravel.

Sonic drilling

Downhole systems available:

  • GP63 rods
  • GP100 rods with lost point system
  • Aqualock 50
  • Core liner sampling @ 75 & 100mm diameter

Rig Specifications

  • Oscillator Output Force : 140kN
  • Maximum Torque : 2600Nm
  • Drive track : Rubber
  • Ground Pressure : 79.68Kn/m2
  • Typical Noise Levels @ 1m : 81dBa
  • Rig width: 1.7m
  • Travelling height 2.1m
  • Travelling length 4.1m
  • Operational height 4.2m
  • Gross Weight : 3.4 tonnes


Direct Push

We offer various direct push systems for profiling ground conditions, soil sampling, installing monitoring wells and in-situ assessment of contamination.

Downhole systems:

  • Geoprobe
    • MacroCore
    • Dual Tube
    • Injection system
  • Dynamic Penetrometer
    • CPT / SPT / DPT
    • Window sampling
  • Window Sampling / Dynamic Sampling
    • Window Sampling (hand held)
    • Rotary rigs
    • Geoprobe injection system
  • Rotary rigs
    • All above Geoprobe systems
    • Window sampling

Well Decommissioning

Well DecommissioningThe existence of a well represents a possible pathway from future unexpected surface spills to lower levels which can have a detrimental effect on groundwater quality. It is normal good practice to remove a monitoring well or to seal it after its useful life to prevent potential risk and liabilities.

This work can be the complete removal of the well by over drilling and grouting or grouting in-situ. We use our rotary rigs for removing the old well and overdrilling and our ChemGrout trailer mounted mixing and pumping system to seal the borehole.


All of our heavy duty rotary rigs (tracked & trailer) have been designed to operate the Geoprobe injection system for bioremediation of sites. The hydraulic hammer is deployed to drive the injection system (Pressure Activated Injection Probe) into the ground to the required depth. We have two pumps suitable for injection. The GS500 which is a low volume piston pump which runs from the hydraulics of the rig and our ChemGrout grout mixer, an independent trailer mounted mixing and pumping system which has a progressive cavity pump. Bioremediation products are injected as the rods are removed.

Injection Pumps:

  • Geoprobe GS500 Grout Machine
    • Hydraulic, powered by rig.
    • Grout hopper size 48 litres
    • Flow rate 3.4 – 8.7lpm @ 69 bar
  • ChemGrout CG-555
    • Diesel hydraulic
    • Mixing tank with paddles 100 litres
    • Grout hopper size 75 litres
    • Flow rate 45 lpm @ 15.5 bar
Geoprobe GS500

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