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About Us

RS RigEstablished in 1990 we are a small specialist drilling company concentrating on environmental projects. Its founder Chris Jeffries worked previously as a consultant for a major international environmental and geotechnical consultancy. While supervising a contamination investigation project in The Netherlands he experienced an environmental drilling service far superior to what was available in the UK at the time and soon after established ESL, aiming to offer a drilling service similar to the Dutch model. ESL started with window sampling but was then the first company to offer hollow stem auger drilling for environmental investigatons. Since then our reputation has become established with many consultancies and other organizations. We have drilling experience throughout the UK, from the Orkney Isles to the Channel Islands & in much of Europe and parts of Africa.

We currently offer 3 Nordmeyer rotary rigs, 2 sonic rigs and various window sampling systems, we also carry out decommissioning and some bioremediation work. We concentrate on various shallow drilling and probing techniques and most of our drilling work is to depths within 20m, however we do have greater capability. We also subcontract other drilling services where necessary.


The bulk of our environmental investigation work is at petroleum / chemical facilities, light / heavy industry, demolition and landfill sites, anywhere where contamination may be suspected or encountered. Here follows a selective list of projects worked on since 1990.

  • Landfill leachate: Monitoring wells SSSI  - Swansea
  • Landfill investigation: Proving depth of fill Private landfill  - Kent
  • E.I.A: Test pits and soil / groundwater sampling: Treatment works - South London
  • Environmental Audit: Soil sampling: Computer manuf. - France
  • Petroleum contamination: Monitoring wells, soil / gw sampling
  • Petrol station: Numerous UK, Eire, Orkney Isles
  • Acquisition Env. Audit: Monitoring wells, soil / gw sampling: Fuel Depot. - Romania (by air) & Guernsey
  • Divestiture Env Audit: Soil / groundwater sampling: Chemical process - France
  • Acquisition Env. Audit: Monitoring well, soil / groundwater sampling: Aeroengine factory - South Wales & Scotland
  • Validation of clean-up operation, aviation fuel spill: Soil sampling: Airport (Incl. MOD) - Numerous UK, France & Eire
  • Coastal contamination: Drive in monitoring wells, soil/groundwater sampling: Fuel refinery - South Wales
  • Divestiture Env Audit: Soil / groundwater sampling: Cable manufacturer. - Spain
  • Methane investigation:Soil probe holes: Factory - Kent
  • Determining contamination pathway: Soil sampling: Whiskey distillery - Scotland
  • Acquisition Env. Audit:Monitoring wells, soil / gw sampling. Aircraft factory - Southampton
  • Acquisition Env. Audit: Soil / groundwater sampling Missile manuf. - UK & France
  • Investigation & decommissioning of boreholes: Former/existing gas sites -  Numerous South East England
  • Diesel spill, delineation of plume: Soil sampling: PLC - Berkshire
  • Divestiture : Monitoring wells, soil / gw sampling, Anthrax risk: Tannery - Northamptonshire
  • Env. Investigation: Soil / gw sampling: Petrochem. company - South Africa
  • Divestiture Env. Audit: Soil / groundwater sampling: Strategic fuel depot - South West  Britain, & Essex
  • Determining contamination pathway: Soil sampling: Car manufacturer - Portugal
  • Acquisition Env. Audit: Monitoring wells, soil / gw sampling: Scrap yard - Scotland
  • Env. Investigation: Soil / gw sampling: Pharmaceutical PLC - UK & Eire
  • Acquisition Env. Audit: Soil sampling: Boiler factory - Poland (overland)
  • Emergency investigation tracking fuel leak: Soil / gw sampling: Oil PLC - Somerset
  • MIP investigation to 30m delineating solvent plume: Former chemical site - Blackpool
  • Env. investigation: Monitoring wells, soil sampling: Power Station - Croatia
  • PCB contamination investigation: Soil sampling: Underground railway
  • sub station - London
  • Development site: Monitoring wells, soil sampling: Lisbon Port - Portugal

Some of the work has been on sites owned/operated by : Ford, Ford-Iveco, Land Rover, BMW, Rolls Royce, Perkins, Allied Signals, Rail depots, track & terminals, BP, Mobil, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Jet, Q8, Statoil, British Fuels, ICI / Xeneca, Merck, Pfizer, MSD, Rhone Poulenc, DuPont, Stirling Organics, BICC, Delta, IBM, Texas Instruments, General Electric, BAe, Bell, GKN Westland, Army, RAF, Navy, Airports - Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton, Oxford, Prestwick, Belfast & various MOD, National Grid / Power, GE, GEC, Coca Cola, Banks, Pension Funds, Investment Houses, Councils, Water Companies, Brewers.

Overseas Experience

We have worked in a drilling capacity in the following places / countries: Channel Islands, Orkney Isles, Isle of Man, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, Croatia, Morocco, Djibouti, South Africa.

Equipment - in brief

ESL offers various types of rotary rig to meet the demand of both the site’s terrain and geological formations.

Range of Direct Push Equipment

  • Hand held window sampling equipment
    • Hammer options: Petrol, electric, pneumatic.
  • Premier PP110 rig, super heavy weight version
    • Tracked lightweight rig for window or windowless sampling and SPT or DPT geotechnical testing
  • DPT rig
    • GLG Lindenmeyer Dynamic Probe for light, middle heavy & super heavy weight penetration tests. Diesel hydraulic version.
    • For CPT / SPT / DPT, window sampling / injection.
  • Rotary Rigs
    • Choice of 3 Nordmeyer RSB rigs.
    • 2 rigs trailer mounted.
    • 1 rig tracked mounted.
    • Options of normal or heavy duty hammer.
    • Two torque options
    • For use with continuous flight and hollow stem augers, window sampling/ dual tube/injection.
  • Sonic Rigs
    • Choice of 2 tracked rigs
    • Suitable for drilling in very soft to stiff or very loose to medium dense ground conditions up to 20m depth.
    • Excellent sampling capability and for installation of monitoring / injection wells.
  • ChemGrout CG-555 Trailer mounted grout mixer & pump
    • Diesel engine, hydraulic system.
    • For grouting, decommissioning and injection work.
Geoprobe GH-40
  • ChemGrout CG-555 Trailer mounted grout mixer & pump
    • Diesel engine, hydraulic system.
    • For grouting, decommissioning and injection work.
  • Various other equipment:
    • Soft sediment piston sampler
    • Geoprobe systems for sampling soil & groundwater
    • Soil vapour probe
    • Concrete coring
    • Hydraulic breaker system

Range of Augers


We are always glad to hear from suitable people who want to work with us regardless of whether a vacancy is available.

Trainee Driller

ESL often requires ambitious, keen and enthusiastic personnel with a positive attitude to work on our drill rigs. This work can be dirty and wet and carries on no matter what the weather conditions. On the other hand we work in some fantastic and unusual places for interesting clients. Work is throughout the UK and may require occasional weekend work.

Work involves a high degree of practical skills working with mechanical equipment and driving company vehicles, often with trailers (licence with B+E / C1+E beneficial). Drilling training would be in the safe operation of a variety of equipment to include hand held to medium sized rotary drill rigs. Training would be given but experience of site work would be advantageous. An understanding of geology would be helpful.

Any person should like the outdoor life, be prepared to travel away from home and to train as a lead driller. Good hand writing and communicative skills are essential as is a clean driving license.

To be considered for any upcoming vacancies please send your CV accompanied by a hand written letter.

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